SANTA ANA : Homeless Atty. Halts Subpoena of Judge

An attorney for a homeless person arrested in last summer’s sweeps of the Civic Center has changed his mind about serving a subpoena on a federal judge, saying her testimony is not needed to prove that the police were targeting the homeless in their roundups.

Attorney Lloyd A. Charton, who is representing one of the homeless defendants, had originally subpoenaed U.S. District Judge Alicemarie H. Stotler because she had allegedly complained to the Police Department about the homeless living at the Civic Center.

But in a court hearing Wednesday, Charton withdrew the subpoena and told Municipal Judge Barbara T. Nomoto that Stotler may not have complained after all.

“I saw no reason to waste Judge Stotler’s time,” Charton said. “We have enough evidence to show that the Santa Ana police set out to clear the homeless at the Civic Center.”


Charton said he subpoenaed Stotler after a city official told him that the federal judge had pressured the Police Department into doing something about the homeless. Stotler could not be reached for comment.

Santa Ana police have maintained that the sweeps were part of a campaign to reduce crime in the area.

Charton represents one of the 22 people arrested and cited by the Santa Ana police for littering, urinating in public or jaywalking at the Civic Center in August.