THOUSAND OAKS : Council Criticizes Foes of Jungleland

Thousand Oaks City Council members Tuesday criticized a citizens group that opposes the city’s Jungleland project for trying to pass a ballot measure that would kill the project.

“We’ve told them it’s illegal, and we’ll tell them again it’s illegal,” Mayor Frank Schillo said. “If they want to go out and dupe the public and try to force us to do something, it’s not going to happen.”

The city has spent $2.15 million in planning the $63-million civic center and arts auditorium at the site of a former wild animal park near Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Conejo School Road, officials said.

The City Council on Tuesday discussed the proposed measure, which would bar the city from using proceeds from the sale of city property to finance construction of a new civic center.


Representatives of the Committee for Government by the People and for the People on Monday submitted petitions to City Clerk Nancy Dillon in an attempt to place an initiative on the ballot, a spokesman said.

Dillon said the group collected 7,913 signatures, far above the 5,553 signatures committee officials say they need to qualify the measure.

The county has 30 days to verify the signatures. After the city is notified of the results, it has 14 days to decide whether to call an election.