They Could Use Some Lessons in Synchronized Swimming

During Sunday night’s closing ceremonies at the World Swimming Championships in Perth, Australia, spectators awaited the announcement of the Politika Prize, awarded to the meet’s outstanding swimmer.

As the message board flashed the name of Hungary’s Tamas Darnyi, the announcer read that the award was won by Australia’s Hayley Lewis.

Lewis, who won one gold medal, two silvers and a bronze, came forward and accepted the trophy. The Australian crowd loved it.

But Darnyi, who won two gold medals and a bronze and set world records in the 200-meter and 400-meter individual medleys, was the actual Politika Prize winner.


Add swimmers: According to the Associated Press, the announcer said that “Hayley Lewis” was written on the piece of paper handed to him.

Officials of FINA, swimming’s international governing body, apologized to both Lewis and Darnyi.

Jan Lewis, Hayley’s mother, said from the family’s home in Brisbane: “Some officials came to see us at the airport and as soon as we were told it was a mistake we handed (the trophy) back.”

Trivia time: Nine players--five in the American League, four in the National League--have won consecutive most-valuable-player awards. Remarkably, they are a pitcher, a catcher, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a shortstop and three outfielders. Name them.


Fair is fair: When Texas plays Texas--the Rangers against the Longhorns--in an exhibition baseball game April 2, the starting pitchers will be Ryan and Ryan.

Nolan will take on his son, Reid, an 18-year-old Longhorn freshman.

Tuesday, Longhorn Coach Cliff Gustafson felt compelled to sound a note of caution: “I hope folks won’t jump out there and compare him with his dad right away. Fact is, that wouldn’t be fair to anybody.”

24-hour gig: The Winnipeg (Manitoba) Free Press recently published a photograph of Victor Kiam, owner of the New England Patriots, extending a handshake to a fan in the stands.

Beneath it was the caption: “Victor Kiam represents everything wrong with sport and humanity.”

Next up, Las Vegas: Lincoln (Pa.) University’s basketball program has a way to go, but nobody can call it punchless.

As the 1-13 Lions prepare to face Allentown Thursday night, their scoring leaders are 6-foot junior shooting guard Don King and 6-6 power forward Mike Tyson.

Add namesakes: When Jesse Owens won his 100-meter semifinal heat in the 1936 Olympic trials at New York’s Randalls Island, the last-place finisher, representing the New York Curb Exchange, was Ben Johnson.


Trivia answer: Detroit pitcher Hal Newhouser (1944-45), New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra (1954-55), Philadelphia A’s first baseman Jimmie Foxx (1932-33), Cincinnati second baseman Joe Morgan (1975-76), Philadelphia third baseman Mike Schmidt (1980-81), Chicago Cub shortstop Ernie Banks (1958-59), Atlanta outfielder Dale Murphy (1982-83) and New York Yankee outfielders Mickey Mantle (1956-57) and Roger Maris (1960-61).

Quotebook: Pole vaulter Billy Olson: “I’m between the twilight and no-light of my career.”