The Day in the Gulf

CASUALTIES IN ISRAEL: At least one Iraqi Scud missile eluded the Patriot missile defense system and struck the Tel Aviv area Tuesday night, wounding at least 70. Three more died of heart attacks. At least 20 apartment buildings were damaged. It was the most serious attack on Israel since the Gulf War began.

DHAHRAN ATTACK: Four Iraqi Scud missiles were blown from the sky by American Patriot missiles fired from a major Saudi air base at Dhahran, witnesses said. There were no reports of injuries or damage. It was the third Scud attack on Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

POWS: In Iraq, two more men identified as captive American airmen were displayed on television. Baghdad also promised suicide bombings to avenge what it said were attacks on Muslim shrines.

THE AIR WAR: Planes returned to fog-shrouded bases with bombs still on their wings. Damp sleeping bags and drizzle added to the woes of desert living for Marines on the Kuwait border. Low visibility canceled troop movements and war rehearsals.


CLAMPING DOWN: The Pentagon made it clear it will become increasingly tight-lipped about war details. Spokesman Pete Williams said it will delay announcements about American planes being downed, because such announcements could make it more difficult for airmen to escape. The military also said it would no longer release personal information or reveal the hometowns of missing service personnel.

KUWAIT OIL: Kuwaiti oil facilities were set afire by Iraqi forces. The Wafra facility in southern Kuwait, just across the Saudi border, as well as two major facilities, Shuaiba and Mina Abdullah, about 60 miles north of the border, were burning.