Car Bomb in Peru Kills 1; Rebels Attack American Embassy

From Times Wire Services

A car bomb exploded Friday in the parking lot of Lima’s international airport, killing one person and seriously injuring at least five, an Interior Ministry spokesman said.

In a second attack 30 minutes later, leftist guerrillas fired a bazooka at the U.S. Embassy and fought a gun battle with security personnel there, the ministry said. One shell exploded on the embassy roof, causing minor damage, the ministry said.

An embassy spokesman confirmed weapons had been fired at the building but was unable to give details of any damage.

The rebels escaped in a pickup truck, the ministry said. The bullet-riddled vehicle was later found in an upper-class Lima neighborhood.


The ministry said propaganda found in the truck indicated the embassy attack was carried out by members of the pro-Cuban Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement.

The documents did not link the attack to the U.S. participation in the Persian Gulf War.