Orange : Chapman Fraternity to Accept Women

Saying that “single-sex” Greek organizations reinforce negative attitudes, a fraternity at Chapman College has opened its membership to women, a first in the school’s 130-year history.

The Omega Delta Chi fraternity, an independent fraternity with eight active members, unanimously voted to change its constitution Tuesday night, lifting membership restrictions, said Nelson Nociar, 22, an spokesman for the fraternity.

“We had talked about this over and over for some time,” Nociar said.

College officials said they were pleased with the decision.


“I think this presents a wonderful alternative for students,” said Susan Hunter-Hancock, vice provost for student life.

“It will provide a whole new opportunity for students to get involved with a Greek service organization,” she said.

The action allows both female and male students to pledge Omega when spring rush begins today.

“What has happened on campuses with segregated fraternities and sororities is that negative sexual attitudes are reinforced. Men end up talking about drinking and lifting weights,” Nociar said.


“With a co-ed membership, we both get an opportunity to work together as people and not segregated by sex.”

Chapman college has five other fraternities and four sororities.