Casting for ABT Opening Week in Orange County

American Ballet Theatre has announced casting for the first week of the company’s March 12-24 engagement at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa. Subject to change, the casting:

* March 12, 8 p.m.: “Ballet Imperial” (Balanchine/Tchaikovsky): Susan Jaffe, Ricardo Bustamante, Amanda McKerrow. “Fall River Legend” (De Mille/Gould): Cynthia Gregory, Victor Barbee, Georgina Parkinson. “Sinfonietta” (Kylian/Janacek): Company.

* March 13, 8 p.m.: “Ballet Imperial”: Cynthia Harvey, Jeremy Collins, Veronica Lynn. “Fall River Legend”: Kathleen Moore, Michael Owen, Parkinson. “Sinfonietta”: Company.

* March 14, 8 p.m.: “Swan Lake” Act II (Blair-Ivanov/Tchaikovsky): McKerrow, Wes Chapman, Owen. “Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes” (Morris/Thomson): Company. “Sinfonietta”: Company.


* March 15, 8 p.m.: “Coppelia” (Martinez/Saint-Leon): Harvey, Chapman, Barbee, Moore, Roger Van Fleteren.

* March 16, 2 p.m.: “Coppelia”: McKerrow, Danilo Radojevic, Gil Boggs, Amy Rose, Keith Roberts.

* March 16, 8 p.m.: “Coppelia” Marianna Tcherkassky, Johan Renvall, Terrence Orr; Moore, Van Fleteren.

* March 17, 2 p.m: “Coppelia”: Yeager, Boggs, Barbee, Rose, Roberts.

* March 17, 8 p.m.: “Coppelia”: Gregory, Collins, Owen, Moore, Van Fleteren.