Spirit of People Tipped the Scale

I enjoyed and appreciated Bettina Boxall's article on downtown Long Beach and the attention focused on the vintage homes in the Willmore City area (The Los Angeles Times, Feb. 7). I was concerned, however, that only negative comments were attributed to me.

To be sure, there are problems here. Unlike many historical neighborhoods, Willmore City requires restoration of the environment on both sides of each home's front door. It is difficult to live here without being involved in area improvement. Nothing is so arduous to repair here than a damaged attitude.

My partner Robbi Rustuen and I live here by choice. After living in several "touted" areas of Long Beach, we invested in Willmore City because we saw the potential for the future here. Beyond the unique homes, it was the spirit of the people here that tipped the scales heavily in favor of downtown. That spirit may have been a victim of editing, as were my positive comments regarding the area.

On behalf of Willmore City and myself, I thank you again for your interest and invite your readers to watch as Willmore City renews itself during 1991.


President, Willmore City

Heritage Assn., Long Beach

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