Pan Am's Cigar for King Has One Reader Smoking

I read Robert Dallos' article about Pan Am's treatment of "royalty"--"How the Airlines Make a VIP Feel Like, Uh, a VIP" (Feb. 17)--with great dismay. Frankly, I have no problem with the airlines offering preferential treatment to full-fare travelers, regardless of their upbringing. But I believe it is a serious problem when this treatment affects the comfort and safety of other passengers.

The incident that really frosts me is Pan Am's finding a cigar for the pompous King of Sweden. This Pan Am crew must be totally idiotic. Cigars and pipes have been banned on airliners for years. Cigarettes are banned on all domestic flights under six hours in duration. Are these people asleep?

If I had been on that flight, the crew would have been reported to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Wake up, Pan Am! The flight attendants should try answering the call bell occasionally for the rest of us drones, and perhaps you might find your way out of Chapter 11. Your service stinks!


Simi Valley

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