Age: 71

Resident of: Ojai

Occupation: Volunteers for numerous organizations, including the Music Academy of the West and the Ojai Music Festival.

Attitude: “I used to try to play down my height--I’m 5 feet, 8 inches--but I do that less now that I’m older. I like things that are tailored, and I try to stay away from prints. There are certain colors I’ve also learned aren’t kind to me, such as orange and dark browns. My daughter has convinced me to get better things with real style and get rid of the rest. I’m finally learning to do that.”

Outfit: Blue silk blouse by Liz Claiborne, white button-front skirt and coordinated blue shoes with gold-tone strap. “I got this blouse I’m wearing at the thrift shop where I volunteer and this skirt at J.C. Penney.”


Spotted: Walking down Ojai Avenue.