Jones' Religion

Regarding "A Test of Faith" (March 10), about choreographer Bill T. Jones: Hold on a minute, Mr. Jones, you've got it all backwards. You say, "I'm a humanist, as all Christians are supposed to be." No way.

No Christian can be a humanist or a humanist a Christian. (If you mean humanitarian , of course that's what Christians should be.) Humanism is any system in which human interests, reason, scientific inquiry and self-fulfillment predominate. Today's results are yuppies, feminists and those with alternate lifestyles, among others demanding their "rights." Humanism rejects the importance of belief in God.

Christianity stresses submission of self and rights in obedience to God's ways of the Bible.

By your admission, Mr. Jones, you are indeed a humanist. But tell your precious mother to keep on praying. There still is hope for you and humanity.


Manhattan Beach

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