'Yellow Ribbon Mania'

I'm grateful for Steve Raikin's personal integrity in resisting the "yellow ribbon mania" which swept his neighborhood (Times, March 14). His role-modeling as a positive, caring, loving, nonviolent member of the human family adds light to a global shift of consciousness. Such individual energy can create the critical mass which will finally provide the real possibility of peace.

No matter how the majority gift-wrap and ribbon a belief that violence is an acceptable solution, such beliefs produce only stagnation and death. They remain ugly packages filled with body bags, misinformation, ignorance, pain, greed, hatred, violence, vandalism, defense and attack. Mr. Raikin's daughter is fortunate to have such a committed, aware daddy.

I wish I had such a daddy when I was growing up. It could have allowed me to enjoy the last 21 years with my big brother. But he accepted what he was taught--that war is a solution. Eric has been missing in action in Cambodia since 1970.


Los Angeles

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