‘Even if MWD is entirely out of water, it only affects a small portion of the San Gabriel Valley.’ In the region overall, ‘We don’t need to ration water because we’re not going to run out.’

Robert G. Berlien general manager, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

‘We should all be encouraging our customers to cut back.’

Edward R. Heck general manager, Azusa Valley Water Co.

‘Maybe we’ll get lucky and only have to go to 20% (mandatory cutbacks). The drought situation--regardless of where the water comes from--exists. So that’s why we’ve implemented the water conservation plans.’

Barbara Kirschner Southern California Water Co.

‘We have a sufficient amount of water to meet the demand.’

Herman Weskamp president,Valencia Heights Water Co.

‘I can’t get over it. Last year we used 25.8 million gallons a day. This year, 13.2 million gallons. That’s almost a 50% savings.’

Anthony J. Skvarek manager, Pomona water department

‘The real test will be when they replant the Rose Bowl playing field with a low-water-use ground cover.’


Rick Cole Pasadena city director