Arguments Continue Over El Toro Name Change

As a resident of the community of Lake Forest, I have read with interest the articles written by The Times staff regarding the change in name approved for the new city of Lake Forest. The most recent (“Unwelcome Change,” March 24) reported that the great-grandson of Don Jose Serrano was so angry about the pending name change that he would like to get his “gun and (go up there and) make them change it right back to El Toro.”

This article is only the latest in a series which reported only the reactions of those people who were unhappy about the name change. Nothing to my knowledge has been published which would indicate that the community as a whole supports the name change. Except the election returns.

The voters of the El Toro/Lake Forest area all had an equal opportunity to vote for the name that they preferred. Quite simply, those who cared enough to take part in the election voted to use the name Lake Forest for our new city.

No one is proposing that any of the historical references to El Toro be deleted or forgotten. El Toro High School should remain El Toro High School. The same goes for the names of the library branch, El Toro Road, etc.


The election is over. It is time for all of us to pull together as a community and support our new city.


Lake Forest