Water Crisis

As a concerned citizen of San Diego and as an employer in the construction industry with close to 100 people and their families relying on me directly for their livelihood, I am strongly protesting the policies set forth by the County Water Authority in its letter of March 19.

Effective April 1, no new temporary or permanent water meters will be issued unless conservation offsets are provided. This action cuts construction by 100%. Is that just? When all other sectors of our economy are being forced to cut back 50%, why is our industry being targeted with so much prejudice?

First of all, the construction industry employs 90,000 people in this county and brings in $6.5 billion in revenue. Temporary construction water uses only 1% of our water supply, while combined new commercial, industrial and residential hookups account for only 3%. So, answer this question, why is the CWA hitting us the hardest?

Why should L.A. have green lawns and clean clothes when we aren’t permitted that luxury? Why should farmers in Imperial Valley grow subsidized rice crops which consume incredible quantities of water when we can only water our trees and shrubs once every two weeks? Why is the construction industry being virtually shut down?


On behalf of the people of San Diego County, I can’t stress strongly enough that we need to rethink these issues and our solution to them, both interim and long term.


San Diego