Pros, Cons on Galanter

The strangest thing happened to me over the past few weeks. I received three, count ‘em, three apparently personalized letters from Ruth Galanter’s office. What a strange occurrence! For years I’ve placed phone calls, written letters, submitted petitions, all to no avail. Now suddenly, three responses over a period of a few weeks?

Could it be that Galanter suddenly saw the light? Could it be that she finally realized the need to be responsive to community needs? Or could it be that there is an election only a few short months away?

I’ve also been keeping my eye on the alternative--Mary Lee Gray. Gray says all the right things. She claims she can correct the wrongs of the past. She will get things done. Mary Lee Gray will work with the community, she will be responsive, and yes, she will complete the Venice Canals Renovation once and for all! I want to believe her. But didn’t we hear this all before from Galanter? Will Gray let us down like Galanter did as soon as she gets in office?

I think the answer lies in us--the voters. It’s time for us to step forward and be heard. If we want to see change in our communities, we need to take some responsibility and demand answers to these questions.


I for one am unwilling to accept the performance of the past. Galanter has had adequate time to fulfill her campaign promises and has failed miserably in my book. As a result, I’m hoping for a new administration under a politically savvy Mary Lee Gray. However, my responsibility doesn’t end the moment I cast my vote. I intend to follow through and hold her to her word. I urge others to do the same.


Marina del Rey