'Stop Secret Deals'

As Westwood residents we encourage our Design Review Board to recommend disapproval of all further projects whose developers will not agree to live up to the representation of their projects. The Planning Department certainly has not protected us. We also encourage board member Richard Agay to continue to appeal Planning Department approval of projects which violate the law. Without those appeals even more illegal projects will be built.

The commotion over the covenant (Times, March 10) arose only because the Planning Department reneged on its own commitment, and it refuses to stop making secret deals to let projects go forward contrary to the plans it approves.

Councilman (Zev) Yaroslavsky initiated our Specific Plans and Design Review Board. We urge him to support any further appeals by Richard Agay of projects that violate the proper application of those plans. We urge him to give his unqualified support to his board's request for agreements we can enforce. The Planning Department has said it won't enforce them.

We hope the Design Review Board is not dissuaded by the Planning Department and Commission's sabotage attempts.




Editor's note: Foster is president of the Westwood Homeowners Assn., Miller is president of the Westwood Hills Property Owners Assn., and Veith is director of the North Westwood Village Residents Assn.

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