Breakthrough Awards to Go to 12 in Media

Twelve awards to be given at the Women, Men and Media symposium at the Bel Age Hotel today will recognize efforts to combat gender stereotyping in the media.

Receiving Breakthrough Awards for their coverage of the Gulf War are news correspondents Betsy Aaron and Martha Teichnor of CBS, Christiane Amanpour of Cable News Network and Deborah Amos of National Public Radio.

In film, Breakthrough Awards will go to Meryl Streep for speaking out about the fading role of women in the film industry and to Barbra Streisand for “making films that portray women with serious complexity.”

Other Breakthrough winners are Conde Nast Publications for its work- and family-care program for employees; Family Circle magazine for departing from standard women’s magazine fare with its article “Toxic Nightmare on Main Street;” Washington Post columnist Judy Mann for “continuing columns reflecting basic concerns of women at home, in the workplace and at war;” Los Angeles Times television critic Howard Rosenberg for critiques of media coverage of the Gulf War; Times film critic Peter Rainer for coverage of issues of gender in the film industry, and KCRW general manager Ruth Hirschmann for leadership in the broadcast community.