Women's Title Doesn't Get Proper Attention

This past weekend, basketball fans were treated to an exciting and wonderful Final Four. I am referring to the women's Final Four, which was telecast for the first time in its 10-year history.

The sacrifice to accommodate a national audience meant the players from Tennessee and Virginia were forced to play back-to-back games. This meant tired, sore legs and exhausting mental preparation. Nonetheless, Sunday's game was played with heart and intensity and resulted in an overtime win for Tennessee, Pat Summitt's third national title. The feat puts her in the same company of my alma mater's basketball coach, Bobby Knight.

Witnessing the level of basketball displayed this weekend was very encouraging. Unfortunately, The Times still seem to be light years behind in its reporting. There were few lead-in stories to this Final Four and the championship game had a few paragraphs on page 6. As a basketball fan and a subscriber, I want better coverage for all women's sports. If Dawn Staley, Tammy Reis and the Burge twins can sacrifice rest and preparation for the betterment of their sport, I would at least like to read about it.

Please, next year, consider running a few less articles on unbeatable UNLV and more on the exciting game of women's basketball.


San Diego

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