Fair Warning: Deadlines Nearing

Looking for that perfect forum to show off your toilet paper collection?

Deadlines for entering the Del Mar Fair's competitive exhibits in dozens of categories from woodworking to hobby collections are approaching in the next few weeks.

Following a longstanding tradition, this year's fair offers venues for amateurs and professionals, children and adults. Ribbons, trophies and cash prizes are awarded for various entries.

People interested in exhibiting at the fair can pick up the instruction book for entering the competitive exhibits at any public library. Called the premium book, this booklet contains entry blanks as well as the judges' criteria for awards.

Except for the photography, visual communications, hobby, art and woodworking shows, all entries submitted will be exhibited. In the five exceptions named, the entries will be judged by special juries, and the best entries displayed.

Exhibitors from previous years will receive the premium book in the mail. However, livestock exhibitors must get their book through their local 4-H or Future Farmers of America clubs.

This is also the third year the fair will host a video contest to coincide with its International Photography Exhibit. The winning tapes will be shown continuously to fair-goers at the Video Expo Exhibit.

Everything from amateur films of little Timmy getting his first haircut to professional documentaries and commercials will be accepted. Judging will be based on originality, scripting and technical quality.

Deadlines for entering the adult shows are: art in all media, May 3; international photography, May 25; videotapes, May 24; flowers and gardens, agriculture, gems and minerals, hobbies and collections, home arts, technology education and visual communications, May 15; woodworking and numismatics, May 31; and open livestock, pigeons, poultry, rabbits, guinea pigs, fancy rats, mice and hamsters, June 1.

Entries for the youth section are geared for ages 5 to 17. The exception is the youth art show, which has a cut off level at 12th grade.

May 15 is the deadline for all youth entries except for the pigeon, poultry and rabbit shows, which have a June 1 deadline.

Further information is available by calling the Del Mar Fair's entry office at 755-1161 or 296-1441.

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