Some More Lessons on the Pitfalls of Trying to Buy a Dream Home

This letter is in regard to Sherry Stern's "Speaking Out" article "Lessons From a Dream House That Got Away" (April 7).

Excellent article. Thank you for bringing to the consumer's attention some of the pitfalls of home buying. You gave three outstanding tips to home buyers. Before a buyer goes to tip No. 4, how about considering tip No. 3 1/2?

Tip: Interview at least three realtors to assist you in purchasing a home. Select the realtor you feel is the best qualified. If you cannot choose one of the three--go on to tip No. 4.

As you mentioned, home buying is probably the single largest purchase one will ever make in a lifetime. You should have the most qualified realtor assist you with this purchase.

This does not mean using the first agent you run into. It also does not mean you should automatically use one referred to you. Interview at least three, even if one is the agent referred to you.

After all, if you were to hire an employee, wouldn't you interview several applicants first? You wouldn't (shouldn't) hire the first one who walked through the door. Basically, your realtor is your employee hired to assist you in finding a new home.

Qualify by finding out about the agent's years as a realtor, experience, properties sold, education and references. Make sure the agent is a member of your local board of realtors, National Assn. of Realtors, California Assn. of Realtors, and adheres to a strict code of ethics.



Pismo Coast Board of Realtors

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