Queen Mary Shipshape Since Disney Boarded

I read the March 14 story and the March 24 letter about the Queen Mary. I could not believe the negative report.

As a child, I visited the Queen Mary while it was docked in New York City Harbor, and now living in Long Beach, I have witnessed the changes as the Queen Mary changed hands.

In the early days the top deck had nothing but booths selling all kinds of food and souvenirs, etc., which took away from the ship's beauty. When the Wrather Corp. was in charge, it was dirty and neglected. I didn't visit again until the Walt Disney Co. took over, and the changes were like night and day. I found it beautiful, sparkling clean and shipshape. The employees are polite, helpful and look great.

I also have stayed as a guest and found the rooms comfortable, plus the porthole windows intact.

For a very delightful and elegant dinner, one should dine in Sir Winston's and for lunch in the Promenade Cafe. Food and service are excellent.

I enjoy taking my out-of-town guests there. They have always been impressed by the ship and view of the Long Beach skyline. I think Long Beach should be proud to have such a first-class attraction.


Long Beach

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