Others May Learn From Her Predicament

Thanks for your very compassionate column on Vivian Coyle. Vivian is a friend of my mother's--they both were residents of La Mirada Landmark, where mom still lives.

On the few occasions when I have spoken to Vivian, I've found her to be a marvelously warm and upbeat person, especially for somebody who had lost her husband in the manner you described. That's why the first news of her sudden illness had been a shock to our family. Now that you have filled in the details of what's happened to Vivian more recently, we're doubly distressed.

Mom is in a situation similar to Vivian's before her stroke. Mom is 80 and lost dad in 1985, although thankfully, he went quickly when his time came. Mom is also very religious and is determined that no extraordinary measures be used to keep her alive, should she ever be in the kind of situation that Vivian is in now.

Hopefully, thanks to your column, Mom and others like her who could be in such a situation in the future should stand a better chance of having their wishes respected.

Dennis F. Hanrahan,

La Habra

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