Some in La Verne Want New Theaters

Can anyone explain why a reasonably intelligent businessman would deliberately make himself Public Nuisance No. 1?

The city of La Verne and Mr. Edwards have gone many "extra miles" to assure fair hearings and open discussion on the proposed Edwards Theatre project for Foothill Boulevard.

Acknowledged experts have researched all the environmental issues posed by the handful of opponents to the project. The sound, logical and expensive reports were unanimously accepted by all departments of the city. And a clear majority of the citizens of La Verne wish to see this project completed.

Didn't the Supreme Court recently admonish attorneys for filing frivolous lawsuits? This is a disgusting example of such an action. Furthermore, this suit hurts free enterprise, rights of property owners, rights of citizens, determinations of elected officials and deprives the city of much-needed revenue.


La Verne

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