Is Now the Time to Buy? Would $50,000 Help?

Is now the time to buy? With home prices and mortgage interest rates the lowest in years, many people think it is.

And The Times is adding another very good reason to buy now. We're putting up $50,000 toward your new home. That's right, $50,000.

So now that we've got your full attention, put down your coffee and read on:

The Times will sponsor a "Time to Buy" $50,000 down payment sweepstakes contest during May. The official rules and details will be published next Sunday in the Real Estate section, but this much we can tell you now:

There's nothing to scratch off, no puzzles to play. Just fill out the entry form that you'll find in the Real Estate sections in May and send it to us. And you can enter as many times as you want.

If we draw your name, you've got $50,000 to apply toward the purchase of any new home offered by the builders participating in the "Time to Buy" contest and financed through Coast Federal Bank.

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