Ban Over, Romania Reports 3 Abortions for Each Birth in ’90

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Associated Press

Nearly 1 million abortions were performed in Romania in 1990, the year after a ban was lifted following the ouster of Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, health experts say.

That amounted to three abortions for every birth, the officials said.

Speaking at a conference on sex education, the Romanian health experts said Saturday that the government will try to reduce the number of abortions by sharply raising fees and by introducing sex education in schools.

Ceausescu was obsessed with increasing Romania’s population of 23 million. During his regime, contraception was unknown and abortion was prohibited.


Dr. Virgiliu Ancar, chief of Pantelimon Maternity Hospital, said 992,265 abortions were performed last year, according to hospital statistics compiled by the Ministry of Health.

Health officials said women face widespread ignorance about birth control. In addition, Romania produces only a small percentage of the condoms and other contraceptives it needs.