Story on Mark Keppel High Students 'Made Us Furious'

We think this article is a stereotyping of the students who attend this school and is hardly related to this school. This article (implies) that Mark Keppel is a school filled with "surly-looking teen-agers, their dark black hair slicked back."

This would cause any reader to think that these crimes were committed by Hispanics, Vietnamese, and lower-class students who attend this school. We request that this problem should be further dealt with, either by interviewing some of the students who attend Mark Keppel or to come down and observe the routine which a student goes through every day.

This would clearly rewrite the article, not describing Mark Keppel as a school of burglars, but as a school with students who are eager to learn and strive to accomplish their goals in life.


Monterey Park

(and other students)

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