Story on Mark Keppel High Students 'Made Us Furious'

Your view of this situation is very parochial. How's this, for example: Say a member of your family was accused of a crime they did not commit. This would affect all of those related. People would view you differently. How would you remedy the situation?

To be totally honest, if this article didn't involve a high school, nobody would read it. It would be just another crime story. The papers are always full of those.

There's also something else that seems to be ironic. The article states that the police department has beefed up its patrol units to better handle the students. That's funny, considering they never really pay attention to us, but are busy socializing with each other, and when they're not doing that they are harassing the students.

In the meantime, put yourself in our position. Would you approve? And ask yourself this, "How would it feel if it were me?"


Monterey Park

(and other students)

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