Dealing With World Disasters

How horrifying to read about the tremendous loss of life that resulted from the massive cyclone which struck Bangladesh (May 3). Death on this scale is a tragedy for the entire race. Everyone should bear in mind that a similar number of children, women and men were killed in Iraq as a result of our much-vaunted Desert Storm adventure, a similar number were left homeless, without food, water or medical care and a similar number can be expected to die of disease and starvation in the future as a result of a completely devastated infrastructure. This tragedy has received almost no coverage in the U.S.; rather, we are staging massive parades to congratulate ourselves for causing it.

Two conclusions can be drawn from this: 1) Our species is now rivaling nature in the ability to kill people and devastate the planet, and b) the great compassion and concern for human welfare shown by our government, the media and certain sectors are extremely selective.


San Diego

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