Group Uses Love to Battle Hunger

I was thrilled to see public awareness brought to Ray Castellani, Noreen Goldner and the Frontline Foundation.

I have volunteered for Frontline for almost two years. This quiet little group has done so much. Castellani has one focus, and that is to end hunger on Skid Row. He doesn't try to change anybody, rehabilitate anyone or save those he serves. He just wants to see their stomachs filled.

I would like to comment on a few points the missions stated--that litter is left behind after our servings and that problems arise because of the Frontline Foundation food line.

After every serving, the Frontline volunteers clean up all of the paper cups, bowls and sandwich wrappers left by those they serve. The people on Skid Row take an active part in the cleanup. The spot where the meals are served is left cleaner when we are done than it was before we arrived.

When you stop to consider how many people are served each trip, very little trouble or frenzied activity goes on. In the time I've been going downtown, I have felt no danger or fear whatsoever.

Many of the people served started off angry and hostile with the volunteers.

With Ray's one firm rule of coming from a place of love, we have witnessed many get off drugs, get jobs and, most important, get off Skid Row. Many people who have left Skid Row have come back to tell Ray that his example gave them the courage to change their lives.



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