Developers Fear Bernson Will Lose

Regarding "Builder Seeks City Contract to Shield Porter Ranch," I smell something, and it isn't pretty.

The Porter Ranch developers and Nathan Shapell want a legal agreement with the city of Los Angeles that would assure Porter Ranch Development Co. complete control, for 20 years, of implementation of the Specific Plan.

This is the plan that was shepherded through the City Council by Hal Bernson.

The question is: Why is this happening? The answer is simple.

Bernson is not popular with his constituents, and Porter Ranch Development is realizing that Bernson will most likely not be reelected in June.

Julie Korenstein would not let her constituents suffer at the hands of over-developers, as Bernson has.

So Porter Ranch Development is running scared.

They have to make a deal to assure that they can continue with this monstrous development regardless of what the Porter Ranch residents want.



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