High Life A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Where in the World Would You Want to Settle Down?

"Somewhere over the rainbow . . . "

In a few years, you may be faced with the question of where you'll want to set up your own household. Perhaps college or a new job will dictate the location of your new domicile.

Maybe you've lived in Orange County all of your life and are simply looking for a change of scenery. Hot Topics asks, "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?"

"Pacific Palisades--think about it: sun, sand, the ocean, (volleyball players) Sinjin Smith and Randy Stoklos. . . . Now there's a thought!"

Pam Kuramarohit, 16,

junior, Villa Park

"Vietnam, because it was where I was born, it's where I'm from, and I would be happy there."

Ha Nguyen, 17,

junior, Santa Ana

"I would want numerous estates and properties around the world. These might include homes in the snowy hills of Vermont to the desert heat of Palm Springs. In the spring and fall I'd vacation in Paris and the Caribbean. I want my life to be a cultural event."

Jason Wucetich, 16,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Anywhere in the United Kingdom, because I like their attitude."

Coleen Durfey, 17,

senior, El Modena

"In the rain forests where it's always green, free from smog and nature is abundant."

Carrie Johnson, 17,

junior, University

"Berlin, because it is so centrally located to what is going on in the world."

Matt Cox, 18,

senior, Bolsa Grande

"I would remain living in Brea. This is my home, this is where I grew up, and this is where I wish to remain."

Michael (Squid) Schwind, 17,

senior, Brea-Olinda

"Colorado, because there's a lot of open space and it's pretty."

Richard Little, 18,

senior, La Habra

"Florence, Alabama--good fishin'!"

Keith Hennings, 16,

junior, St. Margaret's

"Rio de Janeiro, because the beaches and the women are outrageous."

Russ Covey, 17,

junior, Santa Ana

"Boston, because all the best (musical) groups come from Beantown, like New Edition, New Kids on the Block and Aerosmith."

Yuko Yogi, 17,

junior, Villa Park

"Hawaii, because I love being near water, and Hawaii is surrounded by water."

David Michaels, 16,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Huntington Beach, because I like the area, the beach and the people."

Tara Cohen, 16,

sophomore, Huntington Beach

"My own Caribbean island so I would not have to follow the laws around here."

David Fleischman, 18,

senior, El Modena

"Japan, because stuff made there is so cool and of such high technology. Also, I like its culture."

Edward Huang, 17,

junior, University

"I would consider living on the clear waters of Acapulco, where my house would be built of stone in pyramid form. It would be surrounded by fruit trees and roses."

Art Chavez, 18,

senior, Bolsa Grande

"Someplace where I could lie on the beach all day and snow ski all night."

Elice Crowder, 17,

senior, Brea-Olinda

"Australia, because it's peaceful and it's foreign."

Jeanette Little, 16,

sophomore, La Habra

"I would live in Fiji, because I could be secluded from all society and have nothing to do but surf and sleep."

Mark VanDam, 17m

senior, St. Margaret's

"Vail, Colorado, because the powder is the best. I'd be a ski instructor for the season and kick back the rest of the year."

Bryan Hwang, 17,

junior, Villa Park

"Cabo San Lucas near the beach, because it's cheap and really nice there."

Timda Vis, 15,

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"On the outskirts of New York City, because it is exciting with many job and cultural opportunities."

Amy Raat, 17,

senior, El Modena

"San Franciso, because the society there is more liberal."

David Lee, 17,

senior, University

"Singapore, because it is the perfect paradise."

Jennifer Rich, 15,

sophomore, Bolsa Grande

"Boston in the fall, California in the winter, Colorado in the spring and in a shack on the beach during the summer because of the seasonal beauty."

Karen Boerwinkle, 15,

sophomore, Brea-Olinda

"I'd stay in Laguna Beach, because I grew up here and it's got the best climate and atmosphere."

Debby Boka, 15,

sophomore, St. Margaret's

"Hawaii, where the weather stays the same all year round and the sunsets on the beaches are romantic."

Angie Wilburn, 17,

junior, Villa Park

"London, because the attitudes of Europeans toward education and fine arts are much more thoughtful than those of Americans."

Winslow Taub, 16,

junior, University

"Denmark--beautiful women."

Geoff Hanzlik, 17,

junior, St. Margaret's

"The United States, because we have more rights and it's worth living here."

Crystal Lochmiller, 16,

sophomore, La Habra

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Responses gathered by Brandi Winemiller (Bolsa Grande), Jooyoung Lee (Brea-Olinda), Lauren Walden (El Modena), Elaine Ust (La Habra), Trisha Ginsburg (Los Alamitos), Brooke Lyons (St. Margaret's), James Christ (Santa Ana), Claudine Ko (University) and Heather Lee (Villa Park).

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