Illegal-Alien Column Was Pleasant Surprise

Harry Bernstein's column, "A Chance to End Bonanza for Illegals" (June 18), on the Polanco bill was certainly one I never expected to see in the Los Angeles Times, a newspaper that bleeds for "undocumented workers" and advocates making "room in our hearts" (and pockets) for all new arrivals, whether legal or illegal.

Reports on the negative impact of illegal immigration on our schools, social services, judicial system and quality of life never get coverage. County Administrator Richard Dixon recently reported that the net cost of county services attributable to illegal aliens was at least $276 million, yet I never saw a mention of this in your newspaper.

No doubt you will get angry letters from bleeding hearts calling you a fascist for daring to report on a situation that is absolutely insane: Giving away millions of tax dollars to people who have no legal right to be in this country and who are here in defiance of federal laws.

Thank you for confirming that there is still some sanity at The Times.


Los Angeles

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