CIF's Thomas Assailed for Stereotyping

Our government prides itself on a check-and-balance system that affords some means of protection from those who would use their power of authority unwisely. Unfortunately, the Southern Section of the CIF appears sadly lacking in that regard.

Strong rhetoric and implied threats have been tossed about repeatedly by (Southern Section Commissioner) Stan Thomas. How can we be expected to trust or give credence to someone who was predisposed to call the community of Canyon Country "volatile?"

Contrary to Mr. Thomas' perception of this community, we believe we are reasonable, intelligent and fair-minded. Our sense of justice and fair play is being violated with each new chapter of the ongoing saga to "Get Harry Welch."

To use Coach Welch as a political football is wrong and inappropriate. While the purpose of the CIF is honorable, Mr. Thomas's motives are certainly becoming suspect.

The internal politics of this situation reek with unsavory overtones. The Southern Section appears determined to make an example out of Coach Welch and to send a message to its members never to question or challenge their authority.

People who have sided with Stan Thomas should really take a moment to examine how he has conducted himself since the onset of the "investigation." We believe a sincere seeker of truth and justice would not have resorted to stereotyping an entire community as unstable and explosive.



(Editor's note: The letter included over 50 signatures.)

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