Trading Credits Is a New Form of Greed

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the Environmental Protection Agency created to protect the public against polluters (“Coming Soon--Futures Market in Smog Credits,” July 17)?

Shouldn’t this agency, therefore, see to it that all industries adhere to at least its minimum standards, which, at best, are only a compromise between Big Business lobbies and our representatives?

Isn’t it the height of lunacy to allow businesses to circumvent the law and legally continue to poison our air simply by buying “credits” from those that installed the proper equipment to comply with the law and to further legitimize this practice by trading these ephemeral “smog credits” on our commodity exchanges?

No one profits from this insane kind of greed. What will the next commodity coup be? How about nuclear waste pollution credits? Oil spill pollution credits? I bet there would be a big market in those!



Sherman Oaks