Axl Rose’s Driver to Get Ticket After All

Axl Rose’s limousine driver will receive his traffic citation from Inglewood police after all, despite vehement objections from the Guns N’ Roses rocker.

“Nobody is above the law,” said Inglewood Mayor Edward Vincent, a jazz fan who couldn’t name a single Guns N’ Roses hit. “We believe that. Nobody.” Bandleader Rose was furious when driver James Brian Green was cited for an illegal left turn outside the Forum before last Tuesday’s concert. He later refused to take the stage until Inglewood police took back the ticket. Officers, fearing a Rose-induced riot, relented. The $60 ticket, taken back for more investigation, was upheld Wednesday by City Atty. Howard Rosten.

In addition, the band’s promoters face thousands of dollars in fines for violating a city ordinance for letting their four shows go on past midnight.