Santa Monica : No Shift on Gandhi Statue


The City Council rejected a request to reconsider placing a 14-foot statue of Mohandas K. Gandhi in Palisades Park.

The president of the Santa Monica Historical Society, Louise Gabriel, told the council early Wednesday morning that the public had not been given ample opportunity to express opposition to the statue. Gabriel said the society had collected 500 signatures opposing placing the sculpture in the park.

“The issue is not Gandhi the man, who is widely respected, but a 14-foot statue that is too obstructive and completely inappropriate for this historic piece of land,” Gabriel said.


The statue had been reviewed by an independent jury of three sculptors before it was presented to the Arts Commission. The Recreation and Parks Commission then recommended that the statue be erected in Palisades Park.

Council members refused to reverse their decision, saying they had received phone calls both in favor of and opposing the statue.