Weather Service Warns of High Tides


The National Weather Service on Friday advised residents who live near Orange County beaches to watch for possible flooding due to an unusually high tide during the weekend.

“Minor tidal overflow will likely occur along some low-lying areas of the Southern California coast,” a statement issued by the weather service warned. “Very high astronomical tides are predicted Friday and Saturday evenings with high tides rising to near 7 feet.”

Normal high tides are about 4 feet.

The statement said Sunset Beach and Newport Beach residents should be particularly aware of the high tide and take necessary precautions if they live in a low-lying area close to shore.


Friday’s high tide peaked at 9:23 p.m. and measured 7 feet, the weather service reported. Tonight’s high tide at 10:09 p.m. should reach 6.7 feet.

The weather service said high tides pose a major threat to coastal property only if they are accompanied by a strong storm or heavy surf.

“Coastal property owners and local authorities should stay informed and be ready to take action should a coastal flood watch or warning be issued,” the weather service statement said.