We had been trying to imagine the...

We had been trying to imagine the planned goings-on for the children's festival being held at noon today at Barnsdall Park.

It's being co-sponsored by the Hollywood Arts Council and Stephen J. Cannell Productions, the same Stephen Cannell who's had a hand in such TV shows as "Hunter," "The A-Team," "Wise Guy" and "Hardcastle and McCormack."

Let's see. We at first pictured Cannell on the phone to some poor soul at the arts council, running down the list of events, Cannell telling the guy that the kids will start off with a "hood roll."

"What's that?" he'll be asked.

"Easy stunt," says Cannell. "The youngsters have to dodge a speeding car by rolling onto its hood."

"Umm, Stephen . . . "

"Then we'll have the helicopter drop, the exploding house, dueling souped-up vans, a plate glass window shattering . . ."

But we had to junk this fantasy.

In the name of "responsible newspapering," we rang up the arts council and reached a woman named Nyla, who told us what the festival had planned and didn't mention any acts of mayhem. No fisticuffs, no blazing Uzis, no speeding boats. Not even a single cross-eyed look.

Instead, the festival includes a concert, puppets, various art workshops and seedlings distributed to the youngsters by the good folks at TreePeople. Also on hand will be someone who will discuss the importance of a healthy environment, a fellow by the name of Captain Planet.

Captain Planet?

Wait'll Mr. T hears about this.

The park is located at 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. The event is free. For information, call (213) 465-0533.

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