Ceremony: Imelda Marcos will fly from New...

Compiled by YEMI TOURE

Ceremony: Imelda Marcos will fly from New York to Honolulu for a ceremony this fall involving the body of her late husband, Ferdinand Marcos. “We understand that Mrs. Marcos is coming to Honolulu the first week of September, to observe the birthday of the deposed dictator Sept. 11 and his death anniversary Sept. 28,” said Philippine Consul General Pedro Chan. The body of the late Philippine leader, kept in a refrigerated crypt near Honolulu, is apparently being readied for the visit.

Uncommon Commoner: Alice Frazier, who welcomed Queen Elizabeth II into her D.C. home with a hug that put a squeeze on British sensibilities, will spread her hospitality to London this fall during a corporate-sponsored trip with three dozen junior high schoolers. The queen visited Frazier’s home last May while touring an area formerly plagued by drugs and crime but rehabilitated with affordable housing. Frazier, 67, hugged the queen, creating headlines around the world because British tradition says commoners cannot touch her.

Hospital Report: A cancer-stricken member of the famed Flying Wallendas high-wire act has been hospitalized for treatment of a collapsed lung. Tightrope walker Angel Wallenda, 23, who has been battling cancer for several years, was in stable condition Wednesday at a hospital in Sayre, Pa. “She hasn’t taken a turn for the worse, but she’s certainly not out of the woods yet,” said a hospital spokesman. Wallenda last performed last September.

Air-Line Ticket: A leap from a crane platform on a beach did not kill a construction worker, but he did get ticketed for disorderly conduct. James Fedigan, 32, allegedly bared his backside to beach goers while bungee jumping in Galveston, Tex. “I put disorderly conduct on the ticket, but when he asked what the ticket was for I said: ‘bungee mooning,’ ” said beach litter control officer James Puccetti.