Investigating the 'October Surprise'

In your Aug. 6 editorial, "Yes, Do Try to Clear the Air," the question is raised about when--or even why--"the decline began in Americans' faith in their government's ability to do things right . . .." I suggest that The Times begin probing the answer to that question with a look into the Warren Commission's criminally and deliberately inept investigation of President Kennedy's assassination.

From there, without going all the way back to Korea, The Times might consider the official fairy tales the government spewed out about our adventures in Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala, and even bring us up to date on the need for the valiant rescue of those unendangered medical students in Grenada and the hunt for Gen. Noriega. A rather large number of jaundiced Americans every bit as puzzled as The Times might appreciate a review of the happy-camper activities of the Iran/Contra heroes: North, Poindexter, McFarland, Secord, et al., and the rescinding of their good-citizens awards.

How about those for starters? Leave Desert Storm to Allah.



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