The Killing of a Mountain Lion

The lions are guilty, it would seem, for acting like mountain lions and for having the temerity to live in the path of ever-expanding hillside communities.

The real sadness, though, is the lack of options that come to the minds of those charged with animal regulation. Stating that the animal was now used to urban settings and would return is a judgment call and not a fact.

Respect for life can't be compartmentalized. If some lives are valuable while others aren't, then what protection exists for all when current fashion changes? Perhaps we are too casual about the brutalization of our society with its lurid depiction of violence, often passing for entertainment, and its sanctification and even glorification of "acceptable" killing.

In this atmosphere, where the wild, free and beautiful must be conquered and exterminated, is it any wonder that our streets become more dangerous by the day?


Los Angeles

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