News Agency Reports Venezuelan Basketball Player Used Cocaine

Associated Press

Armando Becker, a Venezuelan basketball player, reportedly failed his doping test at the Pan American Games for using cocaine.

Prensa Latina, the Cuban news agency, reported Friday that Becker was found to have used cocaine in the last two weeks.

Dr. Ricardo Javornik, a member of the medical corps for Venezuela who was present when the urine sample was analyzed, was quoted as saying: "There is no doubt about it."

Mexican rower Jose Gomez, a gold medal winner, was earlier cited for using Advil. But on Friday, Dr. Alejandro Chernillo of Chile, head of the medical commission for the Pan American Sports Organization, said it was CoAdvil, a cold medication.

CoAdvil contains pseudoephedrine, a decongestant that is banned by the International Olympic Committee and it subsidiaries, including PASO. Advil does not contain any banned substances.

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