The Death of Arturo Jimenez

The Ramona Gardens shooting that claimed the life of Arturo Jimenez on Aug. 3 once again highlights the reckless and wanton use of unneeded force among a few bad apples in L.A.'s law-enforcement units. As if the Rodney King incident wasn't much of a lesson, I think it is now time for the district attorney to come to grips with the reality that some law-enforcement officers just don't give a hoot for human lives, especially those of minority peoples. Ira Reiner should start demanding the death penalty for such utterly inexcusable incidents as Ramona Gardens and the Rodney King beating. This would go a long way in stemming the tide of unnecessary officer-involved shootings and other cavalier behavior by peace officers.

Finally, Sherman Block should follow in Daryl Gates' footsteps and set a date for his immediate retirement or resignation.


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