On the Road

Sara and Martha weren't the only two inspired by Thelma and Louise. But when Becky and I put our convertible's top down, it stayed down . . . through thunderstorms, sandstorms, red rock canyons, night stars, forested mountains and 1,700 miles of unending, open, untainted-by-man space.

The only show we saw was a herd of stampeding horses illuminated by fireworks and a full moon as we walked through a black night on a solitary Utah road looking for somewhere to eat.

When our expedition (unfortuvnately) came to an end, we'd conquered: four states in four days, four national parks, three state parks, American Indian reservations, Route 66 and the London Bridge.

Basically, our only wrong move was in returning to L.A. We had gotten used to the open road and it was good to us.


West Hollywood

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