SPECIAL EDITION: CRISIS IN THE KREMLIM : Around World, Coup Draws Condemnation and Demonstrations : Here's how news of the ouster of Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev was received worldwide as reported by Times correspondents, researchers and wire services: : Latin America Frets

Presidents Fernando Collor de Mello of Brazil and Carlos Menem of Argentina, who were meeting in Brasilia, issued a joint statement expressing "deep concern over the recent events in the Soviet Union."

"The two presidents trust that the values of democracy, peace and justice--characteristic of our era--will not be compromised," the statement said, concluding with "the firm hope that the tendency in favor of peace and international security will be maintained."

Dante Caputo, a former Argentine foreign minister, said that with Gorbachev's downfall, "the hypothesis of Cold War returns to the world."

In Chile, the Communist Party took a cautious stand. "We lament that this situation has come about," said Jose Sanfuentes, a party leader and spokesman. "We hope that any changes that occur will be so that there is more perestroika , more democracy and more socialism."

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