Pasadena Doesn’t Need New Civil Liberties Law

The Pasadena Civil Liberties Ordinance would make any Pasadena shopping center, mini-mall and commercial building that has retail fair game for protesters, who could march around or hand out leaflets anywhere in the facility and on any crowded holiday.

Moreover, the ordinance gives rights that exceed those that are already provided for in the United States and California Constitutions (as interpreted by federal and state courts), and it contradicts several rulings that have been upheld in California courts regarding permits for petitioning.

Very simply, the ordinance is not needed in the city of Pasadena. Pasadena already honors the constitutional rules regarding free speech activities. The ordinance would be a drain on Pasadena’s overextended budget, because it requires Pasadena to form a special Civil Liberties Commission to enforce the prohibitions. The city does not have the funds to implement this ordinance. The ordinance would fight against an individual’s right of privacy.

Clearly, this Civil Liberties Ordinance would be a thorn in the side of shoppers and business alike.



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