America Has Creative and Generous People

I have visited America twice, and this trip will be my third. On this trip, I feel very comfortable with American ways as compared to my previous visits.

I have been surprised to see all kinds of ethnic groups who live together without any sort of problems or confusion. America seems to me like a well organized and systematized universe.

I think American society encourages people who have creative capability to challenge the problems of nature. Also I found that it is a miracle that all these different kinds of people can live together with such a well-organized society.

I felt God has blessed the American with an abundance of natural resources. American people have a special love for nature and human beings. I want to give my thanks to the American people. They allowed my daughter and her family to live here for more than 16 years, in which time they have greatly benefited from their generosity and kindness.


Seoul, South Korea

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