Dornan Decries 'Attack' in Column

We were not at all surprised by Congressman Dornan's scurrilous attack on Planned Parenthood. We did find it ironic that he considers himself to be an expert on Planned Parenthood services.

If he is an expert, surely he understands that Planned Parenthood provides prenatal care for low-income women in Orange County (a desperately needed service in our community). He would also know that Planned Parenthood promotes sexual responsibility by providing comprehensive sexuality education programs.

Congressman Dornan certainly knows that Planned Parenthood is the single largest provider of contraceptive services and thus takes a leading role in reducing the need for abortion. In his thorough study of our nonprofit organization he must have noted that of the more than 35,000 medical visits we provided locally last year, the overwhelming majority were for birth control services and only 1% for abortion services.

Why does Mr. Dornan claim that abortion is a "major element" of Planned Parenthood services when the facts clearly indicate just the opposite? Is it because the truth does not aid his personal campaign to discredit a vital organization with a 75-year history of quality reproductive health services? Or does he defame Planned Parenthood because he objects to our primary mission of providing contraception?

TRICIA NICHOLS, President, Board of Directors

Planned Parenthood / Orange & San Bernardino counties

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