Mobil Overseer Weighs Closer View

The Westinghouse Electric Corp. says it will study whether to open an office in Torrance as part of its job of overseeing safety at the embattled Mobil Oil Corp. refinery.

The study came at the request of Torrance city officials troubled by Westinghouse’s plans to monitor the refinery from the city of Cypress, 20 miles away, in Orange County.

The corporation is considering a satellite office at or near the refinery, but Westinghouse has no plans of moving its main office to Torrance, Michael Stock, a spokesman for Westinghouse, said Wednesday.

Westinghouse was named by a Superior Court judge this spring to monitor safety at the refinery, which has been plagued in recent years by explosions and accidents that have resulted in injury and death. The city brought a public-nuisance lawsuit against Mobil in 1989, resulting in a consent decree that created the safety adviser post.